Why Yoga?

A perfect ancient tool to keep pace with the modern day demands. It is even more relevant and much needed in our times of geo-political, environmental, social and personal issues.It is a 3 point connection of mind-body-soul. And when practiced regularly has far reaching benefits not only for ourselves but also for the people around us. We have lost connection with our ownself in the camaderie of technology, competition, societal pressures coupled with unhealthy habits. And Yoga, connects us with the ourselves bringing out the best from within! So we can shine forth and walk around as vibrant, sorted, responsible individuals making a difference at every level of our existence.

Choose Your Classes and Start Your Practice

Coming to yoga later in life can be a daunting prospect but Payal has navigated me through to an appreciation that it is never too late to start. She tailors my sessions with great care and attention to my personal objectives, introduces something new each time, and takes the time to impart an understanding of what each pose is designed to achieve. Payal brings a very professional, but warm and reassuring approach that has helped me gain a lot from yoga over the past few months.

Testimonial 4

Company Name: Wade Hughes
Designation: Dubai

Great teacher 🙂 Payal and I started working together since I was 14 weeks pregnant. She has been a fantastic teacher and has really helped me to improve alot. She strikes the perfect balance between relaxing and active sessions which is perfect for a pregnant lady! Focus on breathing techniques I am sure will come in handy during labour aswell. I cant wait to continue yoga with her post birth and challenge myself to keep getting better and to improve my flexibility even further.

Testimonial 3

Company Name: Nicole Richardson Michail
Designation: Dubai

Embodies strength, grace and spirit. I first met Payal when she was studying to become a teacher. She impressed me with her beautiful practice and her innate knowledge of yoga philosophy. Her graceful demeanour and clear, calm voice will take you gently and safely through your yoga practice. Highly recommended 🙂

Testimonial 2

Company Name: Alison Wiktil
Designation: Delhi

Payal is a wonderful person and teacher.I studied Hatha Yoga with Payal in Dharamsala in India. Payal is very dedicated, friendly and passionated about yoga. I definitely recommend to take a class with her!

Testimonial 1

Company Name: Josien
Designation: Netherlands

Payal Khanwani

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With a passion for health and life ,for Payal, yoga is nurturing, soothing and empowering. She believes Yoga & Meditation takes care of developing and ‘discovering’ ourselves on all levels : physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.